About Us

Birds are truly magnificent creatures, and they carry with them such grace and beauty. As there are thousands of different species of birds in the world, you can spend hours studying and watching them. Even the most popular birds are fascinating to learn about.

Hi, my name is Joe Greene, and since I was a young child, I have always had a passion for bird watching. I encouraged my parents to install a bird bath and bird feeders in our yard, and I spent hours studying and observing their behavior. They are such interesting creatures, and in my teenage and adult years, I decided to take my bird watching more seriously. 

Over the years, I have travelled across the United States, to spot rare bird species. While bird watching is something that other people are interested in, it is definitely a hobby that not enough people decide to participate in. It is estimated that only around 4% of people living in the States are interested in birdwatching, which is such a small amount!

This is why I decided to set up Trinidad Birding, to share my love and passion for bird watching with others. I want to showcase how many fantastic birds we have here in America, and how interesting they are. 

Through this blog I will be sharing some unique and interesting facts about birds, and answering some obscure questions. I hope my site will encourage others to gain an interest in these fantastic creatures.