About Us

There are almost ten thousand different species of bird in the world and over one thousand of those species can be found right here in the United States. Each bird has its own unique personality, appearance, and way of moving, and the more you discover about them, the more fascinating birds become.

Hi, my name is Joseph Greene, I’m a Zoologist that specializes in Ornithology and the CEO and founder of Trinidad Birding. I have always had a burning passion for birdwatching, and have spent my life traveling throughout the United States and the Caribbean cataloging and studying rare species of birds. Birdwatching has taken me to some incredible places and enriched my life, and it's always been my dream to share my passion with everyone who is similarly fascinated with, and by ornithology.

I created Trinidad Birding to provide a wealth of knowledge for anyone with an interest in birdwatching and to help the birdwatching community to grow, a community that, at the moment at least, is made up of just four percent of the United States population.

The site is meant to serve as an all-inclusive platform where every birder and twitcher is welcome and encouraged to share their opinions and thoughts and interact with each other in order to build a database and hive of information that everyone has access to while encouraging our community to grow by adopting a positive, forward-thinking approach to ornithology.

Trinidad Birding exists so that we can all share everything that we’ve learned about different species of birds and try to answer as many questions as possible about these beautiful and endlessly inspiring creatures. Hopefully, Trinidad Birding will help to increase the birding population percentage in the US and provide a communal hub for birdwatchers from all over the globe, regardless of how much they do, or don’t know about our feathered friends.