Attracting Ravens: Everything You Need To Know

Ravens and crows can often get a bad rep, but they’re actually fascinating birds that make wonderful companions for humans.

Of course, even if you wanted to have one as a pet you couldn’t thanks to the fact that it’s illegal due to US law. That doesn’t mean that these wonderful birds can’t be part of your life, though! You can make friends with the wild ravens that come flocking to your yard.

Sure, a lot of people view these birds as a nuisance, but some such as us think that they are clever and stunning creatures that we would be more than happy to accommodate in our yards. Naturally, there’s one big problem – how do you actually attract ravens to your yard?

We’re happy to say that we have all of the answers and more in this article! Today, we’re going to do a deep dive into some of the ways that you can attract the ravens to your garden without a hitch.

For your entertainment, we’re also going to share a couple of fun facts about ravens that you definitely ought to know! Without further ado, here’s everything that you need to know!

The Perfect Ways To Attract Ravens: The Ultimate Guide

Anyone Want A Treat?

This is a tried and true way of compelling pretty much any creature to visit your lawn. Give them something tasty to eat and they’re sure to come flocking over!

Some potential treats that they will enjoy include dog or cat food – the pellet kind, unsalted peanuts, eggs, fruits, veg, seeds, nuts and you can sometimes give them meat too. If you want to attract ravens to your yard then this is certainly the ideal way to do it that will yield the optimal results.

Making Friends With The Raven – Is It Possible?

You may think that the answer to this question would be no, but that’s where you’re wrong. Given some time and nurturing, a raven can end up bonding with a person. With enough contact and relationship building, the raven may even allow for you to touch them.

Sympathy, Tenderness – Does A Raven Know Kindness?

Can a raven remember when you were kind to them? Well, there are studies that have shown that ravens can indeed remember both people that have harmed them and people that have been good to them too.

A lot of people often wonder what a raven visiting your property actually means. It’s explored often in movies, novels, poetry and in hollywood. In most media a visiting raven often means that there is bad news coming, which is even more prominent in the case that there are numerous ravens visiting.

Murder, Murder!… Of Crows? How To Get A Murder To Your Lawn

Relax – we don’t mean the scary kind of murder. That’s what a group of crows is called – a murder. Quite menacing for a bird that’s pretty harmless, really. Ultimately, if you want to get a group of crows to visit your home, then you need to get rid of anything that’s going to deter them from your property.

Before you make an effort to get the ravens to visit your yard, it’s worthwhile to inspect your yard first to check there aren’t any deterrents. For instance, this could be a big animal that may scare them. If you have a massive dog then a raven isn’t going to want to visit your home, for instance. 

Using Corn

Did you know that ravens and crows love corn? They’re also pretty fond of cat food, though this is more of an attraction for racoons.

If you want the crows to come and visit but you aren’t interested in racoons invading your lawn, then it’s worth using corn instead of cat food. Ravens are known for being pretty intelligent, so they probably aren’t going to want to be around racoons that could harm them.

Not only that, but ravens will learn from experience. When they recognize that food is being offered in the same place on a regular basis, they are going to come flocking back to that location for food.

You just need to make sure that you are consistent in offering the food at the same time each day. You need to make it very clear to them that it’s okay for them to return to your property. 

A Dip In The Tub

Another thing that’s quite appealing to ravens is a birdbath. Make sure that you are getting a dark, smooth and long bird bath into your garden in order to attract the ravens. Ravens are pretty fond of drinking the water in the birdbath, and they will also sometimes leave prey in the tub to eat for later.

Ravens Are Full Of Confidence

You may not know this, but ravens have a LOT of confidence. In the birding world it’s something that’s pretty well known that ravens are intelligent, but they also have the confidence to go with it.

Because they are so confident, they are also very easy to befriend because they will trust you much more easily, so long as you are kind to them. When approaching a raven make sure that you approach in a cautious manner – you don’t want to scare them away.

If they think that you will be kind and give them what they need for survival, then they will learn to trust you. You need to ensure that you give it time though – gaining their trust may not happen overnight. Having consistency is key to getting good results.

There are a lot of people that don’t know the difference between a crow and a raven, so this is something that’s important to point out. Remember that ravens are generally much larger than crows.

People also tend to associate ravens with bad news. As such, let’s dive into a couple of fun facts about ravens so you know the whole truth about these mysterious birds.

Are They A Threat?

Some superstitions say that three crows can spell bad news for the stock market, and we also know that ravens will kill chickens. Sure, we know all of that, but are they actually a danger at all>

For starters, a raven is very protective over its young. It’s only natural, regardless of the species in question. If a mother raven tries to defend its babies, it’s usually effective in doing so.

It’s also worth noting that ravens don’t always work on the defensive – sometimes they will attack anything that they perceive to be a threat. They will rush towards the potential threat, and using their big beaks they will attack. 

Do Ravens Kill Chickens?

Yes- if a chicken is perceived as something that they can have as prey, they will indeed attack a chicken.

Do Ravens Attack People?

Bad news – if you haven’t gotten a raven to trust you, then there’s always a possibility that it will try to hurt you. In most cases though the only circumstance in which this will happen is if you manage to venture too close to their nest. For the most part, you won’t get a lot of damage in a raven attack.

What Do Ravens Signify?

Ravens often don’t have a good reputation, but why is that? The raven sports a lustrous black coat, and this color can often be seen as quite ominous.

People are also disturbed by the raven’s call, the fact that it’s a predator that’s quite brutal in its attacks. Ravens are generally psychopomps in science fiction and supernatural based media. 

Ravens tend to connect the spiritual with the human. For instance, in the show Game of Thrones, the three eyed raven was symbolic and it was a person that could look into the future. 

What Does It Mean When You See Three Ravens? 

If you’re suspicious, you may be interested to know that three ravens predict extra pressure on the stock market. Not a good omen! 

Fear And Evil And The Link With Ravens

In some places, ravens are a symbol of fear and evil. This is due in large part to the Europeans.

In European culture, raves have been seen as an evil force of nature that’s coming in the guise of a bird. This could be for a number of reasons, such as the dark feathers, the fact they eat meat or their size – it’s not entirely clear why. It’s probably because of all of these factors combined.

Some French opinion points towards ravens housing evil priest’s souls, while nuns that sinned in their lives would be reincarnated as crows instead.

Then we head off to Germany. Germans had the belief that a soul that was damned would end up coming back as a raven.

In Sweden, it is believed that the sound of the raven was something ominous – in specific, it was believed to be murdered people crying out as they hadn’t been buried properly. Danish views of ravens aren’t good either, since there’s a belief that ravens are exorcised spirits.

You aren’t supposed to look directly at it. There was even a belief that a raven with a hole in its wing could turn you into a raven. Pretty spooky, right?

On the other hand, Eastern places often didn’t believe that the raven was evil. In Greek culture, the belief was that ravens would send messages from the gods. Celtic mythology dictated that ravens were goddesses of warfare when in battle. You would generally see the god Odin alongside two ravens. 

These ravens were Munin – meaning memory – and Hugin – meaning thought. Legend dictates that these birds would fly through the world every day and would send reports back to Odin when the day was through.

Tibetan tradition also states that ravens are messengers from the gods to the human realm. Chinese ideas say that ravens were a bad omen for forest weather, and could represent that a god would soon come by.

They have quite a positive reception in Native American cultures, where they are often worshipped as heavenly deities.

Intellectual Birds 

When it comes to intelligence, ravens are on par with dolphins and chimps. They are incredibly smart. They are particularly logical, as has been demonstrated by numerous studies.

Ravens will know to hide their food from other ravens, and often play tricks on members of their own species. They can mimic human speech, wolves calls and fox noises. These things can make the birds a great choice for befriending. They even play with each other sometimes using objects that they find, such as rocks, sticks and pinecones.