How To Attract Crows More Effectively: Guide To Turning Your Backyard Into A Bird Haven

Many would see Crows as an elusive creature that is quite hard to attract into your garden landscape. They might seem distant as a wildlife creature. Yet, you really do not need to travel very far to get a great view of this beautiful spectacle of mother nature. 

It is totally possible to attract crows into your yard. We love Crows, they are majestic, and full of personality, and we know you will love them too. So, let’s tell you all you need to know about these feathered friends, and how you can get them to pop you a visit in your yard. 

Meet The Crows

Crows have a lot of suspicion around them, they are often seen as an omen, but really they are just like any other bird. Crows are often associated with death, this is because crows are scavengers and are often seen around battlefields and cemeteries. A group of crows is also known as a murder. 

They’re The Corvidae Family

Crows belong to the same family as magpies and jays, known as members of the highly diverse Corvidae family. Many would identify them as being strident, medium-sized birds, who will eat almost anything and everything, thus dominating the bird feeders. The little guys can hardly get a single seed. 

The members of the Corvidae family are infamous for being very intelligent birds, and also very adaptable too.

American crows are among the most common crow species that you can find in varying habitats, ranging from wilderness to urban areas. They have overall black plumage in any continent, although their body size and bill shape may differ depending on the region they come from. 

Personality Traits

Crows are rather social birds, some of their species even breed collaboratively, however, these birds are also known for being stealthy and quiet sometimes too. They are often considered to be very intelligent, they will also have a habit of hiding away from anything that they are suspicious of as well. 

They do show self awareness as well. Should you put a mirror in front of a crow, they will recognize themselves, something rather fun to watch.

They can also make tools, and are even capable of some pretty complicated problem-solving too. Science has spent plenty of time getting to the truth of how intelligent crows really are, and as it turns out, they really are very intelligent. 

They are also well known for having very sharp eyes and being cautious of humans. When it comes to other birds however, they will recurrently attack the nests of smaller birds, however, they will not like it if other predators approach theirs. Crows are very territorial, especially during the spring months, when they are nesting. 

On The Wing

How birds fly can actually help you to better recognize a species, this includes things such as their wing stroke speed and the pattern. In crows, which would be their direct and steady flight with very deep wing beats, often in a continuous line or gliding with slight dihedral from altitude to perch or ground. 

Crows are also mostly resident, and they will rarely move far from their breeding grounds. However, adverse weather conditions and poor food availability can force them to move around. 

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Crows generally all look very similar, however, they do have some differences. Some will have short wings and long tails, whereas others may have lengthy and slightly hooked bills and large heads. They will typically have the same plumage, which can make it hard to determine their age and their gender. 

It is unlikely that you will mistake a crow for any other bird most of the time. The only time when you might mistake them for other birds is when this all-black bird species is soaring, and they may then look like raptors from a distance. 

The only way you can identify these birds when they are in flight is via their crow-shaped silhouette, or via their uniform black colors. 


Crows are omnivorous and like jays, crows will use their brains, robust bills, and their toes, to sustain their diets. 

Crows from the North Western region will usually prefer hunting a specific type of mollusk, known as larger shelled whelks. They will crack open the shells, dropping them onto rocks.

However, as we said before, crows often get their association with death due to their scavenger traits, and so they will typically eat anything edible that they can get their bills around. 

Some may think that there are some myths about these birds. However, one of them is definitely true, it is customary for crows to employ object and food caching tendencies, they may compulsively collect or hoard small things. 

Most Corvids, including crows are omnivorous, they are found scavenging at carcasses, even road kills, hence their ominous associations. Some of the species, however, may still rely on stored nuts due to their tendency to cache food. 

How To Attract Crows

A typical urban or suburban environment would often seem pretty hostile in the eyes of a crow, rather than an alluring and friendly environment, it may come across as a reserved and unwelcoming place.

Crows will never find any appeal in places where lawns are thoroughly mowed, there is no food or nowhere decent to perch and rest up. 

Any bird enthusiast, who wants to create a perfectly welcoming environment for these picky birds, may see the effort needed to bring crows into their gardens and their lives to be something of a chore. 

Many people do not even try to attract crows to their space. Yet there is much to be gained from doing so, and seeing these birds up close can be a wonderful experience.

If you want to try and attract crows into your life, then we have all you need right here. Really it is easier than you might expect, as long as you are happy to put in the effort for them. 

Let’s look at how you can attempt to bring a murder to your garden.

A Tasty Treat

As you might expect from any animal, be it bird, mammal, reptile, or otherwise, food is imperative. No creature will come to you if you do not have food. So, if you want to start attracting crows into your yard, you need to start offering them something good to eat.

To start, you may want to try getting some roasted peanuts in their shells, then leaving a small pile of them in railings or in open spaces. Where you leave this food also matters, leave the area free from dogs, cats and other predators of crows.

If you have pets, try to keep the food you leave for the crows away from areas the pets have access too. Leave it high up, or in awkward places best accessed via air. 

Crows are also omnivorous. This means that they will probably take quite a liking to things such as crackers, nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts. But they may also enjoy the odd hard-boiled eggs and even some meat. Crows will also enjoy feeding on insects, berries, cat food, baby cereal, and more. 

You can leave a selection out. Crows will like variety, so if you manage to attract some, change it up every now and again, and these intelligent birds will keep coming back to find out what you have for them today. 

They Like Routine

Once you’ve nailed the food, next you need to give them one more thing. Birds and babies have something in common, they love routine. To properly attract crows to your yard, having a feeding routine in place is imperative. Most animals will like a feeding routine, crows are no different. 

They may have an insatiable appetite, but they are also well known for caching food too.

Therefore, if you want to become a master of crows and attract them well, you best put out an adequate amount of food at the feeders, so they will continue to come back for more. They might only eat some now, but they are likely to cache some for later too. 

Knowing how to properly attract crows into your yard includes basically developing a rhythm for your interaction with them. The best way to do this is to have a feeding schedule. Much like your cat or dog might have designated meal times, doing the same for the crows in your yard will keep them coming back. 

Bird Gardens

Every bird loves an environment that mimics their natural habitat. This means creating an environment with feeders, plants and birdbaths. Take your knowledge of their behavior and how they adapt to their environment to attract them better. 

Crows value the availability of nesting sites in the places they visit. If they know they will get plenty of food from you, they will be staying there often, and they will stay more if they like what you’ve done with the place. 

Bird baths can work as artificial breeding spots for your crows too. Strategically placing a birdbath in your yard can make for a great crow attraction. Despite being a good roosting area, it can act as a sink for them to dip and wash their prey in before they swallow it. 

Looks Do Matter

We aren’t saying they will judge you, but they will judge your space. Include plants and custom features in your garden to allow them nesting areas to raise their young.

Birds will stay where there is food, so, give them the necessary space to nest, so they can stay. Plan out the landscape of your garden carefully and study nearby areas to find out what plants do best there. 

Know the fruits, seeds, and nuts these plants produce. Conifers and grasses will work well for providing cover, while nut and acorn plants are a crow’s number one. They provide food as well as great nesting spots. 

Also, do not forget shelter. By planting trees and bushes, they can use them for nesting, hiding, and breeding. They will be more inclined to stick around. 

Somewhere To Drink

Bird baths also make for an effective place to drink and bathe. You should clean your bird baths regularly to prevent bacteria build-ups. Attach bird baths to railings on balconies, so they have room and feel secure. 

Giving these birds somewhere to drink is important, we all need food, but water is just as if not more important. 

Safety Matters

Finally, crows get startled by noise, so it is wise that you remove sources of random noise such as wind chimes or loose gates, as this can scare them away. You should also try to eliminate or conceal any reflective surfaces as these can startle them too.