What Does it Mean When You See an Albino Pigeon

White pigeons are a symbol of peace, love and honor in many cultures and traditions. They also symbolize, gentleness, freedom, beauty and much more.

In this article, you will discover several different symbols and interpretations for seeing or dreaming about a white pigeon.

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Symbols and Meanings


White pigeons or doves are symbols of peace. This is often interpreted by a dove carrying an olive branch and is recognized as the universally accepted sign of peace.

Seeing a white pigeon is a sign to seek peace within yourself. This will help you cope with difficult emotions, improve your quality of sleep, and not being as easily affected by society’s negative comments.

The balance that comes with inner peace will help block out the noise in the world, the fear and anxiety that causes procrastination and instead allow you to focus more on the goals you made and how to achieve them.

Make a daily effort to seeking and achieving this goal for yourself.


Pigeons are a monogamous species that mate for life. Once it finds a mate, it will stay committed and faithful to its partner.

A white pigeon is a reminder of your devotion to your significant other. Allow your heart to remain pure and remember how your relationship felt in the beginning.

Love is an action. It requires you to always be loving your partner. Look at them lovingly, hold them meaningfully, if you must go, leave them unwillingly and return as though you could not live without them.


You will face situations that challenge your honor. These moments will test your character and conviction.

For example, you might meet someone that sparks your interest just enough to be unfaithful to your partner. Maybe you find what appears to be an opportunity that requires you to be dishonest.

A common meaning of white pigeons is to maintain your honor. It is the navigation system that will guide you being the best version of yourself.


Pigeons are gentle birds, especially when compared to birds such as hawks, falcons and owls. The color white is also the color of serenity.

Seeing a white pigeon can be a reminder to have a gentle spirit. Have a gentle spirit to those around you and also…towards yourself. Choose to believe the best about other’s motives. When wronged, prepare your heart and mind to forgive.

Remember to give yourself and others room to grow. Be gentle to the person of today for the mistakes they made yesterday.


For many cultures, the spiritual meaning of white pigeons is connected the concept of freedom. It’s your sign to break free. Release yourself from the holds preventing your growth.

Maybe it’s a stagnant job or career that you are not passionate for. It could be a relationship that has run its course.

Reevaluate the constraints in your life. This is a sign that it is time to set yourself free and follow your true self.

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